[FLASHBACK] Biffy Clyro at Glasgow Barrowland (06/12/14)

Biffy Clyro? Like, it came as no surprise that they’re definitely my favorite band on Earth. I don’t mean to write a novel here, but eh…. Let’s directly highlight the gig, and how I ended up there. Just a quick reminder: summer 2014, click here to see what Biffy decided to do. I couldn’t miss this opportunity so I managed 2 tickets (the other for my lovely dad) for the second night (where THE VERTIGO OF BLISS and ONLY REVOLUTIONS were played).

4 months later, I was waiting at Paris airport… Scotland, get ready! It was actually the second time I «visited» Glasgow and I’ve already fallen in love with the city. As it was the season, we had to stop by the Christmas Market. It was kind of pretty. After that, I needed to go to HMV in order to get myself a copy of The Xcerts’ THERE IS ONLY YOU (another great Scottish band). The weather being so British (rainy + a bit windy), we chose not to stand in line too early to fill our bellies at Burger King.

About 1 hour before the doors open, we got in the bus at Buchanan Street and met a guy who was attending the gig as well. Just so you know, in France, people usually queue early in the morning before a gig or an event like this. That’s not the case in Scotland. At least, that wasn’t this day. Glaswegians were casually hanging at the bar, which is not a bad idea though.

We had some troubles getting into the venue as oversea fans had to grab their tickets at the box office as Ticketmaster didn’t send them on time… Anyway, the stairs were all decorated with Biffy lyrics on it, gorgeous.

Once I got everything I wanted at the Merch (a beanie and a t-shirt), I got a spot between two fanboys and waited for the show to start. The atmosphere was really cosy, everyone was very friendly and as excited as me.

So, no support act due to an extended set (more than 2 hours each night). ‘I Cannot Dance O Lord’ as an intro and there you go: the curtain falls and the first notes of ‘Bodies In Flight’ ignite the crowd in the fastest way possible. Naturally, circle-pits are formed and we started singing our hearts out. Right from the opening track, the scene was set: it was going to be intense. Then, ‘Booooom, Blast And Ruin’ resonates before the first b-side of the setlist: ‘Help Me Be Captain’. How good is the fact that they played loads of songs from their second LP (‘The Ideal Height’, ‘Questions And Answers’, ‘Toys Toys Toys’…). Die hard fans had everything to be thrilled about, and it seemed that every soul was enjoying the show as during ‘Eradicate The Doubt’, people were all shouting the lyrics AND the guitar parts (in fact, no just during this song…). I was impressed.

Simon, James and Ben appear to really appreciate their evening. Between the songs, they tell stories, facts, jokes, interact with fans… ‘Mountains’, which is normally the last track they play live is today the 6th song on the setlist and Simon will even add at the end: «Thank you, goodbye!», what a funny man. Obviously there’s no escape from the basics so they also played ‘That Golden Rule’, ‘Bubbles’, ‘God And Satan’ and the popular ‘Many Of Horror’, songs that can only be welcomed from the 2500 fellow hens who were bouncing, dancing and jumping around. However, some emotional moments made us almost cry such as the legendary ‘All The Way Down Chapter 1’ likewise during ‘Diary Of Always’ the twins were standing on the front of the stage next to each other and accompanied Simon.

Moreover, forceful performances of ‘Hiya’, ‘Robbery’ and ‘Once an Empire’, which were never ever played live, pleasure the fans and the line «I wouldn’t want to get fucked by a kangaroo in any position» was hilarious to hear.

The show keeps going on, hands are up in the air, voices are cracking, legs are aching and we’re singing along at the top of our lungs every word together. Anyway, in between songs the whole audience was chanting «MON THE BIFF, MON THE BIFF» whilst the security guys were giving us water! (big shout out to them)

It’s nearly time for the encore, ‘Whorses’ (which reminds me of the Eurockeennes de Belfort ’cause that’s where I heard this song for the first time live) is left to play and Ben’s drumming delight the fans. As Barrowland is completely darkened, everyone is screaming «Biffy, Biffy, Biffy fuckin’ Clyro» non stop. It’s still so frenetic.

The 3 Scots left us with an epic ‘Now The Action Is On Fire!’ before the 5 musicians stage-dived in an absolute mayhem.

This night was all about mosh-pits in my opinion. We were clearly getting wild during these 2 hours of pure awesomeness. Biffy Clyro are extremely HUGE in Scotland and we do know that. They left a completely sweaty crowd and fans deserted the venue with giant, genuine smiles on their faces.


Setlist: Bodies in Flight (First time since 2010) – Booooom, Blast & Ruin – Help Me Be Captain (First time since 2005) – The Ideal Height – Questions and Answers – Shock Shock – Eradicate the Doubt (First time since 2008) – Born on a Horse – Robbery (Live debut) – Mountains – With Aplomb (First time since 2005) – Toys, Toys, Toys, Choke, Toys, Toys, Toys – Liberate the Illiterate/A Mong Among Mingers – Know Your Quarry – That Golden Rule – God & Satan – Diary of Always (First time since 2010) – Little Soldiers (Simon solo) – Hiya (Live debut) – Bubbles – Once an Empire (Live debut) – All the Way Down: Prologue Chapter 1 – …And With the Scissorkick Is Victorious (First time since 2005) – Whorses / Encore: Cloud of Stink (First time since 2011) – Many of Horror – Now the Action Is on Fire!

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